Sometimes its nice to know that there are really happy and really satisified people who wear hearing aids.  Here is a sample of a few of those people.

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Written Reviews


“I did not know how significant my hearing loss was until I was examined.  David’s recommendation on hearing aids to use was very professional.  The whole office staff is outstanding.”

~Kenneth B.

Gillespie-20“My wife complained that I was not listening to her.  For a long time I just disregarded what she said.  One day I decided to have David G test my hearing.  He found I did not hear the frequencies in the treble range.  When I got my hearing aids and walked outside, I heard birds for the first time in years.  ( And yes, I have no excuse now for not hearing my wife!)”
~Charles C.

Gillespie-6“When I began to say “Huh?” every time my husband “mumbled” something to me, he rushed me to the Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic on Joy Street in Paris! It was a life changing experience! I had read that blindness is preferable to deafness since the blind can still communicate while the deaf cannot. Mr. Gillespie made every effort to fit me with the correct devices for my specific problem. During the past few years, he has continued to recheck, adjust, and instruct whenever a problem arises. In addition, the hearing aids came with free batteries and quarterly inspection and cleaning for the life of the device! His staff (Jan and Robbye) I now consider friends. Always pleasant and helpful, it is a joy to visit that clinic on “JOY” street – as well as able to hear!”
~Elizabeth H.

Gillespie-16“I never realized how badly I needed hearing aids until Mr. Gillespie introduced me to the sounds I had not heard in years. Being an avid hunter I found a wonderful new world of enjoyment just listening to nature. Mr. Gillespie and his staff are awesome. They are kind and caring and always willing to go the extra mile for patient care. Note: my wife is almost as happy as I.”
~Jerry L.

Gillespie-25“The hearing aids have been a great benefit to me for several reasons. First, I can hear my grandchildren. They don’t have to repeat themselves so many times. Also, because of the improved hearing I can participate in family conversations more easily. Next, the hearing aids have made it possible for me to do volunteer work in our schools with children. At work I am more able to hear directions and signals. Finally, because of the hearing aids, media does not have to be so loud at home making for a happier spouse.”
~Becky P.

Gillespie-31“I love my hearing aids. They have greatly improved my life. I didn’t realize how much I struggled to hear until I received my hearing aids. I have always received friendly services when needed.”
~Rebecca W.